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KL AC Workshop Level 1 & 2 Bundle

Use code <Bundle58> to enjoy $58 off! Basic & Advance Levels (3 days Comprehensive Workshop)

Service Description

3 days workshop Time: 10am - 5pm Experience a comprehensive 3-day Animal Communication Workshop covering basic and advanced levels of Animal Communication. Learn foundational skills through interactive exercises and progress to advanced techniques, gaining the ability to communicate deeply with animals both alive and over the Rainbow Bridge. Day 1: - Introduction to Animal Communication - Recognizing animals as sentient beings - Animal Training vs Animal Communication - Animals purpose in our lives - Benefits of Animal Communication - Learning the different types of Clair-senses - Grounding and visualization exercises - Energy protection - Initiating a Heart to Heart Communication with your animal - Mind clearing techniques - Ethics and guidelines for Animal Communication Day 2 & 3: - Common communication roadblocks - 10 ways to strengthen your Animal Communication skills - Reasons why a reading might not seem “accurate” - Communicating with Wild Animals Exercise - Diving Deeper: Mirroring, Informing pets on decisions, communicating with rescued animals - Behavioral Issues: Theory and Exercise - Communicating with lost animals - Body Scanning - Animals view about life and death - Ways to support animals at their end of life and transitioning stage - Animals in spirit - Rainbow Bridge Meditation - Messages and signs of visitation This course is for: - Animal lovers who wish to take their Animal communication skills to another level - Animal lovers who would like to communicate and seek closure with animals that have passed on - Shelter volunteers/workers who would like to help the animals that you work with on a deeper level - Animal rescuers who would like to understand their rescued animals - Professionals in the pet care industry (Pet-sitter/dog walker/groomers/vet techs etc) - Existing students who would like to provide animal communication services to others You will need: - An open heart and mind - 1 to 2 photos of a living pet/animal companion(s) - 2 printed photos of any 1 animal that have passed on *No live animals needed in class*

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