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Reiki Healing

Reiki(靈氣)is an alternative form of healing technique using universal energy, it is also known as Energy healing. It promotes healing by restoring balance on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional and works for both humans and animals. 


Reiki enables the energy to flow freely within the body to where it is needed most, and thus promotes self-healing. The transmitting of Reiki energy can be done in-person or through a distance, and they are equally effective. 

Benefits of Reiki for animals

  • Gentle and relaxing

  • Non-invasive 

  • Improves overall well-being

  • Promotes deep relaxation during stressful situations

  • Complementary to traditional veterinary care 

  • Support and accelerate healing post-surgery, injury or illness

  • Help to alleviate anxiety, stress, and nervousness

  • Help with behavioral/ emotional problems caused by emotional traumas, neglect or abuse

  • Provides comfort and ease transition during the end of life

  • Distance Reiki is great for animals that are shy or timid

When can you use Reiki as support:

  • Maintaining your animal's health and general well-being

  • Animals who are in distress 

  • Pre and post-surgery recovery

  • Animals that have experienced some kind of trauma

  • Pain relief and comfort

  • Animals in their final journey of transition.

Choose from the following:

Pet The Bunny_edited.jpg

Distance Reiki Session

An ala-carte session with 30 minutes of distance Reiki healing. Suitable for first-timers or ad-hoc requirements for your pet.



Well-being Package

A popular choice among owners, our Well-being Package consists of
1 x Animal Communication session +
1 x 30mins of distance Reiki Healing session (U.P $136). 


Cute Dog

Healing Boost Package

Give your pet(s) a boost of Reiki with our Healing Boost Package - Consist of 3 sessions of distance Reiki Healing 
(U.P $204). Suitable for post-surgery or end of life care.


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