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Pets Actually Can Talk!


Pets Actually Can Talk was officially founded in Dec 2020 to help owners like you, to strengthen and deepen your relationship with your animals through Animal Communication. You will get to understand more about how your pets feel and think, and the reasons behind certain behaviors.
We also offer Animal Reiki Healing, a form of energy healing that helps to promote healing by restoring balance on all levels for your furry friends after personally witnessing the benefits of this gentle mode of healing technique on our own dog before he passed on. 

The story behind our Company's name and logo:
Pets Actually Can Talk - (in short PACT) signifies the pact and commitment we made with our animal companions the moment they came into our lives, and our promise to love and care for them till the end of time.

Our logo is specially designed using the silhouette of our beloved dog - Tui. He has been a great soul mate, family, and teacher to us, and hence, the logo for this meaningful & beautiful work serves as a tribute to him. The 2 hearts + lifeline represent the love and sincerity when we connect with every animal. 

Our Core Values


To extend kindness and patience to those that we cross paths with.


To love. It was love that leads us to this work, and we believe, it's the love for your pets that brings you here too.


To be open and honest in all our readings and sessions, and serve as a clear channel between both you and your animals.

About May Lim

May Lim

Founder of
Pets Actually Can Talk!
Animal Communicator / Mentor
Certified Reiki Master Practitioner

Hello! I'm May, an Animal Communicator / mentor, and Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.

Unlike others, my affinity with animals came a little ... late, when I was about 20 years old. I only overcame my fear for dogs after volunteering at the local animal shelters and it was truly life changing, because that is when I adopted my two beloved dogs, Toytoy and Tui, who became my inspiration and guides on this journey of Animal Communication and Reiki Healing.

For the past seven years, I've had lots of fascinating encounters conversing with a diverse range of animals, from dogs and cats to birds, horses, goats, and even wild animals! 

Pets Actually Can Talk was inspired by my personal experiences of losing my own cherished pets, I felt a deep calling to create a platform where you and your furry family members can truly understand each other on a profound level. By combining my skills in Animal Communication and Reiki Healing, I offers a holistic approach to nurturing and supporting the bond between humans and animals.

One aspect close to my heart is providing comfort and support to senior and critically ill animals during their final journey on Earth. I strive to relay any last wishes and messages, creating a safe and loving space to ease the transition for both the animal and their humans. It's a privilege to play a role in making this challenging period as peaceful and meaningful as possible.

In 2021, I started running Animal Communication Workshops in hope to inspire more people to see animals in a new light, and share the art of heart to heart communication.

I've had the honor of training under esteemed mentors such as
Teacher Rosina Arquati, Ms. Joanne Thia from Simply Reiki, and
Ms. Lucia Meijer from Linking Awareness. Their guidance has enriched my skills and deepened my understanding of animal communication and energy healing.

As a parent, I am dedicated to educating and nurturing compassion for animals among younger generations. I firmly believe that they hold the key to making a positive difference in our society's treatment of animals in the future. Together, we can make a positive difference, one child at a time. If you have any ideas or initiatives in mind for collaboration (e.g talks etc), I would love to explore them further together :)

Meet Toytoy and Tui - her 2 beloved dogs who led May on this beautiful journey...

Toy Toy

Oct 2013 - Oct 2016
Adopted on Oct 2013

Toytoy was rescued and came into the family as a foster dog back in 2013. After fostering her for a week, May's family decided to adopt her officially and they spent a wonderful 3 years together. She was eventually diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2016 at about age 10. 

During her last moments, a kind Animal Communicator friend, J helped May to communicate with Toytoy. Through the session, they get to know the places Toytoy likes to go and things she enjoyed doing. One of them, in particular, was Marina Barrage. It was the first place May had brought Toytoy for a picnic when she just adopted her.

On the night when Toytoy's condition deteriorated, the family decided to bring her for her favorite car ride instead of going to the vet. Upon reaching Marina Barrage, Toytoy's face lit up and her face was gleaming despite being very weak and tired.

That night was the very first time May experience and hear from a dog! While they were walking, she heard a voice saying: “Thank you for bringing me here", and it was Toytoy. Coupled with it was a wave of love and gratitude. That very night, Toytoy passed on peacefully in May's father's arms when they were about to return home. She was surrounded by people who love her and at the place she had wanted to go.

Toytoy was the reason May took up Animal Communications.

Our Team

Singapore Special

April 2012 - Dec 2020 
Adopted on Oct 2016

It was almost love at first sight. Tui was one of the shelter dogs that May met when she started volunteering in 2012. Chill, zen, and goofy at times, Tui also gives people a sense of security - Just the right energy balance for May.

Their bond grew over the years as Tui accompanied May through different stages of her life and watched her grow. She finally gets to adopt him after 4 years when she got her own place.

Happy time flies.

Tui's health took a turn in November 2020 and was diagnosed with cancer. Due to the seriousness of his cancer, he was put on palliative care. During the last few weeks of his life, he had taught May so much about love, patience, and how to be kind but firm. Through Tui. she came to learn about animal's point of view about death, how brave and selfless they are even in times of illness, and that love continues to flow even if they are gone. 

May took the leap and attended Reiki level 2 with her mentor Ms. Joanne Thia and manage to do a few sessions of healing for Tui when he was slowly withering. It was then she saw how the universal energy actually helps him to feel more at ease during the tough times and aid in his transition. 

In a short span of 1.5 months, Tui crossed over peacefully on
21st December 2020. Although it was the end of his physical life, he continues to live in the other realm and is currently holding a "job" to match puppies with their potential adopter.




Workshop's Class Monitor
Adopted on 8 Aug 2023

Tai (original name Tiger), used to be a community cat, and one day his regular feeder(s) noticed that he has been severely losing weight.
It turns out that he has FIV and gum infection (stomatitis) which eventually caused him to have all his teeth removed. Within 2 years, he has been to 6 different homes (fosters/boarding places). 


One random night, May chanced upon his adoption post on Instagram and saw the write up of his bio, one thing that caught her eye was that he has no teeth! ( Which means lesser impact of being bitten being a first time cat person), he is great with kids (and supposingly dogs too!)

May & her family decided to apply as the next foster. On the day when he arrived, it only took him 5 to 10 minutes to chose his own comfy spot in the house ( & surprisingly, it was the working room where she does her Reiki healing)! 1 week in and he has stolen everyone's heart, and so he became another case of foster fail (a really happy one though).

These days, he takes his job as a Workshop class monitor seriously; by guarding the gate and greeting the participants, demanding for pets and treats. Once in awhile, he will join in the meditation segments & also volunteers himself for a reading with workshop participants!

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