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Pets Education Outreach Programme

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We believe in nurturing compassion and kindness for animals from young.
By empowering children with knowledge and fostering empathy, we can pave the way for a brighter future, where animals are treated with love and respect.

Through our
Pets Education Outreach Program: "Animals and Me",
we aim to educate children about various aspects of animal care and interaction through engaging and interactive talks. Our carefully curated topics include:


  • Safe and Toxic Food for Dogs and Cats: We teach children about the importance of feeding pets the right kind of food and the potential dangers of certain human foods. By understanding what is safe and what is harmful, children learn to make responsible choices and help keep their furry friends healthy and happy.

  • How to Interact with Animals: We guide children on appropriate ways to approach, pet, and play with different types of animals. By learning gentle and respectful behavior, children develop empathy and create harmonious connections with animals.

  • Basic Animal Body Language & Emotions: Animals communicate through their body language, and we introduce children to these non-verbal cues. Understanding how animals express their emotions helps children recognize when an animal is happy, scared, or in need of assistance. This knowledge empowers children to respond with kindness and care.

  • How to Care for Our Community Animals: We emphasize the importance of looking after animals in our community. Children learn about responsible pet ownership, and the importance of providing shelter, food, and water to stray animals. By instilling a sense of duty towards community animals, children become compassionate advocates for their well-being.

We hope to bring about a more loving community through this initiative, one child at a time.
For talks and collaborations, you may reach us at or Whatsapp May at 8112 8137.


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