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  • How do you talk to the animal?
    We connect to each animal via their photographs, which has their energy imprinted on it. From there, we receive information from the animal via images, videos, feelings, colours or simply a knowing.
  • Do you need to meet my pet in-person?
    Nope, with distance Animal Communication and Reiki Healing, the sessions are conducted remotely and your pet can be in the comfort of your home. All we need is his/her recent photographs and details such as name, gender and age.
  • Can you talk to other animals apart from cats and dogs?
    Yes we can :) We have spoken to different species of animals and wild animals including spiders, exotic lizards, whales and farm animals such as horses and goats.
  • Can you talk to my 2 pets (or more) in 1 session?
    Only 1 animal will be communicated with for each session. For owners with multiple pets, you may consider our Multi-pets Package (3 sessions at $210).
  • Can I add on questions/messages after a session has ended?
    Each session is limited up to 10 questions or messages, should you have more than 10 questions or messages to add on prior before we connect to your pet, you may opt for add-on at a fee per question. Any further questions/messages for the animal after the session ended will be considered as a new session. You may consider our new Follow up session at $50 for 5 questions (for alive pets), and $60 for 5 questions (Rainbow bridge).
  • What questions can I ask my pet?
    Here are common questions that you may ask: • Are you happy living with us? • What is your favourite food? • What do you like to do? • What do you dislike? • Anywhere that you would like to go? • Do you have any physical discomfort? • Who do you prefer most in the family? • Why do you display *certain* behaviours? • Do you like to go to the groomers? • What can we do to make you happier/ more comfortable? Alternatively, we can also give your pet a chance to "free-flow" and see what he or she has to share.
  • Why do we need a minimum of 21 days window from date of passing for pets that has crossed over?
    Rainbow Bridge sessions will only be conducted after 21 days from the date of passing (Unless emergency). This is to ensure that the animal soul has ample time to transit & settle at the other realm as well as giving the owner time to grief.
  • Can you ask my pet to stop barking / biting / displaying certain behaviours?
    Our job as an Animal Communicator is to understand the reason behind the animal's behaviour, how they feel about it and explain to them the situation/consequences of their behaviour. This does not guarantee immediate change in their behaviour. What we (humans) deem as "bad" behaviours might be a natural instinct or response for the animal. Usually, it takes more than one communication session to see improvement in situations. As their owner, it is our responsibility to make necessary arrangement/changes on our end to make things work. Kindly seek assistance from a professional trainer should you need further help.
  • Can you help me find my lost pet?
    We do not take on lost animal cases, but will be happy to point you to other Animal Communicators with whom you can check with.
  • Can you communicate with other people's pet (e.g my ex's boyfriend's dog/cat?)
    We are only able to accept cases if the pet belongs to you, or with permission from the rightful owner.
  • Can you tell me what is wrong with my pet's health?
    We do not provide health diagnosis as animal communication is not a substitution for professional veterinary care. We can only pick up discomfort that the animal choose to tell or show us. Do bring your pet to the vet if it shows signs of discomfort/ unwell.
  • Can I split the questions into 2 sessions (e.g 5 questions for each session)?
    All questions/ messages have to be utilized in 1 single session as it requires extra time and energy to reconnect & do another session. Any unused questions/messages will be considered forfeited once the reading is done.
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