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Animal Communication

Animal Communication is a telepathic communication between human and animals (of different species).
This form of communication goes beyond traditional training and vocal cues, and taps into a deeper, more instinctual level of understanding our animal companions feeling's and thoughts through images/ videos/ sounds/ feelings/ sensations and so on..

Like us, animals have feelings and emotions too, each of them has a unique character and energy imprint.
We may understand our animal companions through their daily habits and behaviors, but discovering their deeper thoughts and feelings would be immensely beneficial.
Animal communication can help bridge this gap—all you need is an open mind!


The session will be conducted remotely by connecting using your pet's pictures.
My role
 as an Animal Communicator is to serve as a bridge/messenger between you and your pet,
to help both of you 
understand each other better and also relay messages if needed.

How to book a session?

1) Drop us a Whatsapp message at +65 8112 8137 to check on the availability. 

  • You will be given a turnaround time / date upon enquiry of availability

  • Payment needed to confirm the session slot

  • The reading will be done remotely before the turnaround deadline.

  • Once done, you will receive an update from us to schedule a time for the phone call debrief.

  • Each reading consists of a phone call debrief + PDF Handwritten Transcript for your keepsake.

2) Payment to be done within 24 hours to secure the slot
    SG - Via Paynow/ Paylah to 8112 8137

    Overseas - Please provide your Name & Email, and we will issue you with an invoice with online payment

3) Please provide the following details (Via Whatsapp)

Service required:
Owner's name:
Pet's name:
Pet's Age:
Pet's Gender:
Does the pet belongs to you:
How do you refer yourself to your pet (e.g Mummy/ brother/ by your name):
Kindly send 2 recent clear pictures of your pet with both eyes looking at camera, except for animals with eyes at the side. For pets that have passed on, you may send any 2 photos, does not have to be the most recent.

Questions/messages for your pet:

✨ Please note:✨
* Prices stated are in SGD
* Session slot is only confirmed upon payment. Enquiry of availability does not secure you the slot.
* Services are conducted remotely only. We do not provide in-person reading.
* Each session is limited to 1 animal, questions cannot be shared between pets.
* All questions are to be utilised in a single session
* Any further questions after the reading will be charged as a new session
* Unutilized questions are non-transferable to other pet and cannot be carried forward
* ❌ No lost pets readings

Not sure where to start?

Choose from the lists of services here:

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