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Cute Puppy

Hello and welcome!
This resource page is specially compiled to help you to find more information with regards to animal welfare and services. Feel free to share it with anyone whom might benefit from the list below and we welcome any inputs should you have reliable contacts, services, or welfare groups that we can add in. 

We are not in any way sponsored/ affiliated with any of the listed service providers,
it is a resource platform and not a business marketing platform.

Animal Welfare Groups
& Adoption Pages

Cremation Companies

What to do when your pet passes on?

Give yourself some time to process the loss.
t a towel/fabric underneath your pet's body as they might have discharge of body fluids once their organs shuts down.

Decide on a cremation company base on your budget/ location/ type and scale of send off

Contact the cremation company, they will guide you on the steps.


Schedule a time for pick up/bring your pet down during operating hours. Book a time slot for the cremation.

Choose between a private cremation or mass cremation, and how you would like the ashes/ remains to be handled:
- Bring home
-Leave in Columbariums
- Sea scatter
- Burying

Prepare for memorial send off (if any), you may bring along flowers, some of your pet's favourite food/ non-plastic belongings to be incinerated. 

Create keepsakes from their paw prints/ nose prints or ashes.

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