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​Each session is 30mins.

Reiki(靈氣)is an alternative form of healing technique using universal energy, it is also known as Energy healing. It promotes healing by restoring balance on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional and works for both humans and animals. 

Reiki enables the energy to flow freely within the body to where it is needed most, and thus promotes self-healing. The transmitting of Reiki energy can be done in-person or through a distance, and they are equally effective.

We will contact you via Whatsapp to schedule a time for the healing session. The session will be conducted remotely via your pet's photograph so they can be in the comfort of their own home while receiving the healing energy. They can be going about their daily life/ activities so long they are not too active. 

To book a session:

Kindly drop us a message via Facebook / Instagram @petsactuallycantalk or Whatsapp +65 8112 8137 with the following details:

Owner's name:
Pet's name:
Pet's Age:
Pet's Gender:
Any areas of concern (E.g Physical issues/ Emotional issues/ End of life care/ Post surgery/ General Maintenance): 

Kindly send 2 clear recent pictures of your pet with both eyes looking at camera.

Benefits of Reiki for animals:

- Gentle and relaxing
- Non-invasive 
- Complementary to traditional veterinary care 
- Helps to alleviate anxiety, stress, and nervousness
- Distance Reiki is great for animals that are shy or timid
- Not bounded by time or distance

When can you use Reiki as support:

- Animals who are in distress 
- Pre and post-surgery
- Animals that have experienced some kind of trauma
- Pain relief and comfort
- Animals in their final journey of transition
- Animals that are experiencing grief

Disclaimer: While Reiki has lots of benefits on its own, it is not a substitution for professional veterinary care, nor do we provide health diagnosis. 


Animal Reiki Healing

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