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Do you have unanswered questions or messages you would like to ask/ tell your animal companion who had passed? Rainbow Bridge session provides you the chance to re-connect and help to find closure with your loss loved ones. Note: We will need a minimum of 21 days from the animal's date of passing before we initiate a communication. 

Each session is limited to 1 pet with 10 questions / messages
Top up for additional question / message at $9 each (to be done within the same session)

To book a session:
Kindly drop us a message via Facebook / Instagram @petsactuallycantalk or 
Whatsapp +65 8112 8137 with the following details: 

Service required: 
Owner's name:
Pet's name: 
Pet's Age:
Pet's Gender: 
Does the pet belongs to you: 
How do you refer yourself to your pet 
(e.g Mummy/ brother/ by your name):
Date of pet's passing: 

Kindly send 2 clear pictures of your pet with both eyes looking at camera. 

Questions/messages for your pet:


Payment to be made via Paynow (+65 8112 8137) or Bank transfer (POSB Savings 244-29983-0) to secure your slot. We will issue a payment link via Stripe for overseas clients, please provide us with your email address. 

Note: Session/slot is confirm only upon receiving payment. 

The usual turn around time is 5 working days (unless Emergency session or otherwise informed), you will receive a text to arrange for a phone call for debrief, and transcript for keepsake after which. 

Animal Communication - Rainbow Bridge Session

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