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Services we offer:

Animal Communication

Sleeping Cat


Find out what your furry friend is thinking or feeling, his/her likes or dislikes, or even their last wishes during their final journey.  Get to know them better through their point of view and strengthen your bond together.



dogs in robes

Rainbow Bridge Session

Do you have unanswered questions or messages you would like to ask/ tell your furry friend who had passed? Rainbow Bridge session provides you the chance to reconnect with your loss loved ones. A minimum requirement of 21 days from date of animal's passing to conduct a session.


Veterinarian with Dog

Emergency Session

An emergency session will be conducted within 24 hours upon confirmation should you have an urgent request to communication with your furry friend. 

*Subject to schedule availability*


Reiki Healing

Pet The Bunny_edited.jpg

Distance Reiki Session

An ala-carte session with 30 minutes of distance Reiki healing. Suitable for first-timers or ad-hoc requirements for your pet.



Well-being Package

A popular choice among owners, our Well-being Package consists of
1 x Animal Communication session +
1 x 30mins of distance Reiki Healing session (U.P $136). 


Cute Dog

Healing Boost Package

Give your pet a boost of Reiki with our Healing Boost Package - Consist of 3 sessions of distance Reiki Healing 
(U.P $204). Suitable for post-surgery or end of life care.


How to book a session:

  1. You may contact us via the following to check for session availability:
    Facebook/ Instagram (@petsactuallycantalk)
    - Whatsapp (+65 8112 8137)
    - Email (


  2. Confirm your booking by making payment via Paylah / Paynow / Google Pay to +65 8112 8137 or Bank Transfer. Kindly provide a screenshot as proof of the transaction. For overseas customers, we will provide you with a link for payment via Stripe.

  3. Kindly prepare and send us the following details:

    - 1 to 2 clear, recent images of your animal alone (Preferably with both eyes looking at the camera, avoid group photos/ photos with other pets/ humans).

    - Animal's name, age, gender, and date of passing (if applicable).

    - 10 questions/ messages for your animal. (Additional questions will be charged at $6 /question)


  4. The usual turnaround time for each reading is 3 to 5 working days* upon receiving payment and details.
    We will get back to you and have a debrief of the session.

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