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Art Jamming Workshops

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Looking for an activity to take your mind off your hectic life or a cosy session to bond with your friends/ partner? Our Art jamming workshop is a great way for you to de-stress and simply have some fun!


Choose from the following type of workshops:

Singapore's first-ever Art Jamming + Healing workshop
that is catered for fellow pet owners who have lost their precious pets.


Conducted in a safe and cosy home environment, we will guide you through painting your own Rainbow Bridge artwork to commemorate your pet, as well as providing you a space to grief and heal through our "Pet Loss Healing Journal" Sheet.


P/S: You may also get to meet like-minded animal lovers during the session :)

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If you are looking for something more casual and fun with your friends, or a little quiet self-care time, this is the workshop for you! 


No prior painting experience/ skills needed, simply go with the flow! If you are feeling lost, fret not as there will be light guidance and tons of beautiful references provided.

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