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Animals do talk, but only to those who know how to listen...

Hello, welcome to PACT!

Hoping to learn more about your pets through animal communications and/or improve their overall well-being through the gentle mode of Reiki healing? 

We are here for you :)

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Oops! You have missed our first round of Workshops in Malaysia!


Stay tuned for oyou may register your interest in our next

intake in 2025 below & we will contact you once the schedule is firmed up.

Upcoming sessions:

Level 1:

15 Jul 2024 (Mon)

20 Jul 2024 (Sat) *Full*
3 Aug 2024 (Sat)
21 Sept 2024 (Sat)

Level 2:
16 & 17 Aug 2024 (Fri & Sat)

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Paintings for your soul
30% of the proceeds will be donated to chosen Animal Welfare Groups.




" Was so thankful for May to be able to seek out free time & help us communicate w our labrador as Hiko is on her final moment of life due to old age diseases. She was looking so sad before we engaged May for help so as to know her last wish. Right after we communicated w Hiko, she looked so much at ease & passed on peacefully a few days later."

                           - Delicia



"As a first-time dog owner, after having popcorn for 3.5months, I wonder what she felt about her new pawrents and if she is happy. During the same period of time, Popcorn was behaving weirdly, so I engaged May to communicate with her and I had an amazing experience with her, May is able to read information which is not something publicly available about popcorn. Through May, we are able to learn more about Popcorn, how we could have done better to make her happier."

                           - Melinda



"To May, thank you so much for doing the reading for us. It helped me a lot through a very difficult patch where I got the sense that my cat was going to pass on. Having gone through a session for end-of-life communication with her, I definitely recommend her for her sensitivity and compassion in delicate situations like this."

                              - Gisella



" Heard about animal communication and chance upon May thus decided to engage her service to know my aging boi Chester more and he is feeling about certain arrangements such as the change of housing and his acupuncture sessions etc.

Quite amazed by things he showed May during the com session that I clearly didn't tell May and she told me abt it. "

                              - Joanna

Our furry clients

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