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Animal Communication Workshop Level 1

Introduction to Animal Communication and foundation level (1 day)

Service Description

This is a 1-day workshop. Time: 10am - 5pm Location: Seng Kang *NEW! Revised content and structure* This workshop includes both theory and practical exercises to get you started on your Animal Communication Journey, it includes (but not limited to) the following: - Introduction to Animal Communication - Recognizing animals as sentient beings - Animal Training vs Animal Communication - Animals purpose in our lives - Benefits of Animal Communication - Learning the different types of Clair-senses - Grounding and visualization exercises - Energy protection - Initiating a Heart to Heart Communication with your animal - Mind clearing techniques - Ethics and guidelines for Animal Communication - Lots of real-life case studies as reference! This course is for: - Animal lovers who wish to deepen their relationship with animals - Pet owners who would like to understand and communicate with their pets - Shelter volunteers/workers who would like to communicate and understand the animals that you work with - Animal rescuers who would like to understand their rescued animals - Professionals in the pet care industry (Pet-sitter/dog walker/groomers/vet techs etc) - Existing students who would like to come for a refresher course You will need: - An open heart and mind - 2 printed photos of your living pet/animal companion(s) Payment by: - Paynow - Credit Card

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