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AC - Follow Up Session

A quick 5 questions check in session with your pet! (For existing clients)

Service Description

Fancy a periodical quick chat in with your pet? If you have booked a reading with us before, our Follow up session allows you to book a session without having to crack your brains to think of questions to ask. Find out what your furry friend is thinking or feeling, his/her likes or dislikes, or even their last wishes during their final journey.  Get to know them better through their point of view and strengthen your bond together. Each session is limited to 1 pet with 5 questions / messages To book a session: Kindly drop us a message via Facebook / Instagram @petsactuallycantalk or Whatsapp +65 8112 8137 with the following details: Service required: Owner's name: Pet's name: Pet's Age: Pet's Gender: Does the pet belongs to you: How do you refer yourself to your pet (e.g Mummy/ brother/ by your name): Kindly send 2 recent clear pictures of your pet with both eyes looking at camera. Questions/messages for your pet: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Payment to be made via Paynow (+65 8112 8137) or Bank transfer (POSB Savings 244-29983-0) to secure your slot. We will issue a payment link via Stripe for overseas clients, please provide us with your email address. Note: Session/slot is confirm only upon receiving payment. The usual turn around time is 5 working days (unless Emergency session or otherwise informed), you will receive a text to arrange for a phone call for debrief, and transcript for keepsake after which.

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