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AC - Emergency Session Top Up

For urgent cases which requires the reading to be done within 24 hours.

Service Description

This is a top-up fee on top of your AC session fee. Emergency session is subjected to availability. We understand that there are times where you will need to find out certain answers or pass on messages for your pets during urgent situations, such as last minute travel plans, health related concerns and end of life transitioning. We will try our best to accommodate to the earliest available slot which usually will be done within 24 hours from time and date of payment, unless otherwise informed. To book a session: Kindly drop us a message via Facebook / Instagram @petsactuallycantalk or Whatsapp +65 8112 8137 with the following details: Service required: Owner's name: Pet's name: Pet's Age: Pet's Gender: Does the pet belongs to you: How do you refer yourself to your pet (e.g Mummy/ brother/ by your name): Kindly send 2 recent clear pictures of your pet with both eyes looking at camera (except for certain animals with eyes at the sides). Questions/messages for your pet: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 7. 8. 9. 10 Payment to be made via Paynow (+65 8112 8137) or Bank transfer (POSB Savings 244-29983-0) to secure your slot. We will issue a payment link via Stripe for overseas clients, please provide us with your email address. Note: - AC readings & Healing sessions are conducted remotely via the animal's pictures - A turn-around date will be provided upon enquiry of availability (usually around 2 weeks) - Payment needed to confirm the session slot, enquiry does not secure you your slot - Each reading consists of: 15 mins phone call debrief + PDF Handwritten Transcript - Each reading is limited to 1 animal, un-utilized questions are non-transferable or rolled-over - Prices stated are in SGD

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